May 25-27, 2023

Location: El Paso, TX

Tom Beard

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Clinic Overview

We are excited to announce that the Tom Beard Football Officials Clinic West – El Paso, in El Paso, Texas, is entering it’s 2nd year. The 2023 dates are May 25-27. We have extended the days, the amount of classroom time and on-field snaps. You will not want to miss this opporutinity.

Registration opens on December 1st, 2023. On-field and classroom instruction fee is $745 if you register before April 30, 2023. Starting on May 1st, the fee is $845. Capacity will be limited to ensure plenty of work for everyone, so we would recommend registering early to get your position preference.

The list of supervisors and clinicians will be stellar as always. Great instruction and honest feedback are the cornerstones of the clinic and doing that in a comfortable social setting enables you to take full advantage of the resources we pull together for you. Whether you choose to come to TBFOC East in Baltimore, West in El Paso (or both), we look forward to hosting you and providing the most inclusive atmosphere you could ask for to help you become the best football official possible.

Registration Options

    • Classroom & On-field

      In addition to classroom sessions, you will be able to work on the field. There will be substantial snaps for you to be observed and to received feedback. The ‘early bird’ registration fee is $745 through April 30, 2023. As of May 1, 2023, the fee is $895.

    • Class-Only & Instant Replay:

      The Replay Breakout is for anyone interested in taking their football officiating skills and knowledge to the replay booth. You will have hands on opportunities to work with replay equipment as well as learn mechanics and philosophies.

    Payment Options

    You have the option of paying in full or you can make 3 payments for the Early Bird Registration.

    • Early Bird Payment – $745 and $495 for Class and On-field and Replay, respectively, until April 30, 2023
    • Early Bird Three-pay plan – On-Field – $250 by April 28, $250 by May 7, and $245 by May 15.
    • Early Bird Three-pay plan – Replay/Class – $165 by April 28, $165 by May 7, and $165 by May 15.
    • Please email us directly at gro.c1695800262ofbt@1695800262cinil1695800262c1695800262 to setup payment options starting after April 30, 2023.


    The following is a list of Supervisors, Coordinators, Clinicians and Special Guests that have confirmed attendance:

    Special Guests:

    • Walt Anderson, NFL, Sr VP of Officiating
    • Gerald Austin, Big Ten and Pac-12, Advisor, Recruiter
    • Greg Burks, Big 12 and Mountain West Conferences, Coordinator of Football Officials
    • Randy Campbell, Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference, Coordinator of Football Officials
    • Michael Cooper, Conference USA, Evaluator, Trainer
    • Tim Crowley, Coordinator of Football Officials: Lone Star Conference, American Southwest,

      Sooner Athletic Conference, Southwest Jr College Football Conference

    • Buddy Horton, NFL Officiating Scouting Coordinator
    • Eddie Kelley, Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) Coordinator of Football Officials
    • Harold Mitchell, Southeast Conference, Advisor/Scout
    • Chuck Stewart, Pac-12 Observer, Trainer
    • Larry Upson, Pac-12 Observer, Trainer


    • Byron Adams (C-USA)
    • Rod Ammari (Pac-12)
    • Tyrone Anderson (ACC)
    • Derick Bowers (NFL)
    • Hilbert Byers (AAC)
    • Land Clark (NFL)
    • Ray Daniel (Big Ten)
    • Tim Davis (CFO West)
    • Marlow Fitzgerald (CFO West)
    • Ruben Fowler (NFL, retired)
    • Adrian Hill (NFL)
    • Marvel July (CFO West)
    • Josh Larson (C-USA)
    • Joseph Martinez (CFO West)
    • Jonah Monroe (NFL)
    • LaShell Nelson (B1G)
    • Brian Perry (ACC)
    • Scott Hardin (C-USA)
    • Stephen Ray (SEC)
    • Brad Robinson (Pac-12)
    • Mearl Robinson (NFL)
    • Brad Rogers (NFL)
    • Tutashinda Salaam (CFO West)
    • Adam Savoie (ACC)
    • Bill Scott (CFO West)
    • Matt Sumstine (NFL)
    • Patrick Turner (NFL)
    • Frank Villar (Pac-12)
    • Jeffery Yock (Pac-12)


    Click here to reserve your room at the West – El Paso Clinic’s host hotel.