You have two registration options:

CLOSED: Classroom & On-Field

  • $745 through April 30th; $845 starting May 1st
CLOSED: On-field with Class

CLOSED: Instant Replay

  • $595, through May 15th
CLOSED: Instant Replay


Registration Fees are Non-refundable!

NOTE: On Thursday, May 23rd, registration will run from 8am-10am. The opening session will start shortly after registration ends. On Saturday, May 25th, the clinic will end at approximately noon.

Classroom and On-field Instruction (by working a scrimmage): The Staff realizes that there are some officials that are not comfortable participating in the on-field sessions while other officials are much more willing to do so. So, to accommodate both, the staff has decided to limit the number of officials that will take part in the scrimmage. Officials choosing to work the scrimmage will be identified on a “First Come First Serve” basis. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to register as soon as possible. If history is any indication, this registration option fills quite fast.

Instant Replay: To improve at any profession, it takes “Commitment, Dedication, Dependability and Attitude.” These are the key variables TBFOC Replay works tirelessly to instill in replay candidates at all levels. The TBFOC Replay Staff would like to extend an invitation for you to attend this exclusive replay clinic. We have assembled an outstanding clinician base that spans from the NFL to NCAA power five conferences of nationally prominent replay supervisors, replay officials, and replay communicators who will share their experiences, philosophy, and knowledge with you.

The Replay program will include extensive time on DV Sport Equipment, replay language, angle selection, and process presentations with special focus on replay official and replay communicator mechanics. Our goal is to enhance your overall replay skills. I hope you will join us for this unique opportunity for two full days of sharing lessons with NCAA Collegiate Championship and NFL Superbowl Replay Officials.