You have three registration options:

Register – Classroom & On-Field

  • $895, through February 28th
REGISTER: On-field with Class

Register – Instant Replay & Class-Only

  • $695, through February 28th
REGISTER: Instant Replay or Class-only


NOTE: Registration Fees are Non-refundable!

Classroom and On-field Instruction (by working a scrimmage): The TBFOC Staff realizes that there are some officials that are not comfortable participating in the on-field sessions while other officials are much more willing to do so. So, to accommodate both, the staff has decided to limit the number of officials that will take part in the scrimmage. Officials choosing to work the scrimmage will be identified on a “First Come First Serve” basis. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to register as soon as possible. If history is any indication, this registration option fills quite fast.

Classroom Only: The classroom sessions will be as dynamic as always. This is evident by the top-notch clinicians that we have this year. At every general session and in each breakout, there will be several NFL officials as well as some of the best collegiate officials in the country. So, if you choose not to work on the field, there will still be significant opportunities for you to learn more about our beloved avocation!

Instant Replay: Although just added, we expect that our Instant Replay Training will be as beneficial to you as the other components of the TBFOC. The Replay Breakout is for anyone interested in taking their football officiating skills and knowledge to the replay booth. Replay equipment will be available in the breakouts. You’ll cover rules, philosophies and mechanics as you have the opportunity to work real game situations.

Note: The clinic usually sells out of on-field opportunities. Although we expand opportunities each year, the growing number of officials that desire to work on the collegiate level has greatly increase the desire to attend clinics of this nature. Unfortunately there will be a number of officials that that have already registered that will probably not be accepted. We are limited in meeting space, and available scrimmages, with the scrimmages being more crucial. Because of this, the TBFOC reserves the right to accept/reject any registration based on their own discretion.