Annual Tom Beard’s Football Officials Clinic – March 14-15, 2025

Maritime Institute, Linthicum, MD (near BWI Airport)

Registration Opens July 1st!

“Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.” — John W. Gardner

Many officials, from all over the country, have recognized the TBFOC as a major contributor in their advancement. The TBFOC has been a “springboard” for many officials trying to make the transition from high school to college, as well as for many collegiate officials working their way up the chain. In addition to the list of impressive clinicians, the following Supervisor of Officials will be invited invited to attend: Greg Burks (Big XII), Bill Carollo (Collegiate Officiating Consortium), David Coleman (Pac-12), Eddie Kelley (SWAC), Andre Lowe (MEAC), Bryan Platt (AAC), Al Riveron (ACC), Jeff Akers (Ivy/Patriot), Chris Smith (CAA), Donnell Leathers (CIAA), Dennis Crim (ECFOA), Ryan Flynn (NE10), Donnell Leathers (CIAA) and more!


“Everyday is Game Day!!!”

To improve at any profession it takes “Commitment, Dedication, Dependability & Attitude’” these are the key variables Tom Beard worked tirelessly at instilling in officials at all levels. Tom also knew that you could not wait until August to pick up a rule book or decide to get in shape for the upcoming season, and he had no problem telling you that. You have to work hard at it 24/7/365 days a year. Officiating has become a year round profession, you will only get out of it what you are willing to put into it, and there is no better time than the present to prepare yourself as if ‘Every Day is Game Day!’ Additionally, no better time than the present to register to attend the Tom Beard Football Officials Clinic on March 14-15, 2025. The TBFOC Staff works hard year round to ensure Tom’s legacy continues; we know officiating is not JUST a part time job and our drive and focus to provide you with a top notch clinic began as soon as the last clinic has ended.


Clinic Overview

Our clinic committee would like to extend an invitation for you to attend a truly unique football officiating clinic. We have assembled an outstanding group of nationally prominent officials, observers and supervisors who are planning to share their experience, philosophy and knowledge with each. You will have the opportunity to meet, greet and eat with members of our clinic staff and guests as well as collegiate and high school officiating coordinators.

The program will include group sessions, position meetings, and special instruction on all areas of officiating, including eight-man, seven-man and some five-man mechanics review. Imagine two full days of sharing lessons with NFL, FBS and FCS Collegiate and State Championship Football Officials. Plus, there will be a Friday evening social, and snacks and lunch served on Saturday.

This is our 15th clinic and we are very fortunate to have the Maritime Conference Center as our host. Due to the expected amount of registrations, we have expanded our on-field opportunities to include a vast number of games. Each crew is expected a substantial amount of field time because of this. We have improved on the successful format of the previous years and we have upgraded our facilities, audio-visual equipment, etc.

You will have the choice of selecting from various tracks. There will be multiple breakout sessions offered simultaneously. So, you can choose the breakouts of your preference. We foresee there being a track for High School Officials, 8- and 7-man Mechanics, et cetera.


Registration Options

  • Classroom and On-field Instruction:

    The TBFOC Staff realizes that there are some officials that are not comfortable participating in the on-field sessions while other officials are much more willing to do so. To accommodate both, we have decided to limit the number of officials that will take part in the on-field opportunities. Officials choosing to work the games will be identified on a “First Come First Serve” basis. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to register immediately! You will not want to miss this opportunity to take the field and perform in front of some of our top notch NFL and Collegiate Officials. If history is any indication, this registration option will fill quite fast. The registration fee is $895 through February 28. 2024.

  • Instant Replay or Classroom-Only:

    We expect that our Instant Replay Training will be as beneficial to you as the other components of the TBFOC. The Replay Breakout is for anyone interested in taking their football officiating skills and knowledge to the replay booth. Replay equipment will be available in the breakouts. You’ll cover rules, philosophies and mechanics as you have the opportunity to work real game situations. Registration for the 2024 TBFOC is open as of Tuesday, July 1, 2024. We have sold out the past few years. You will want to act fast. As in the past, you can make installment payments.

    We expect for the classroom and Instant Replay sessions will be as dynamic as always. This is evident by the top notch clinicians that we have this year. At every general session as well as the breakouts, there will be several officials from the NFL as well as some of the best collegiate officials in the country from the AAC (formerly the Big East) ACC, Big XII, Collegiate Officiating Consortium, and SEC. To be specific, at each position, there will be collegiate officials that have worked a myriad of Bowl Games. So, if you choose not to work on the field, there will still be significant opportunities for you to increase your knowledge and officiating abilities! The registration fee for classroom-only and replay is $695 through February 28, 2024.

  • Virtual-Only:

    You now have the option to participate remotely. Instant Replay Sessions are included. Each “room” will be monitored to be sure that you’re allowed to fully engage. Also, webcams will be used so that you are able to the action within the session. The registration fee for classroom-only and replay is $475 through February 28, 2024.

Payment Options

The TBFOC offers payment plan options for each of our registration options. In addition to paying in full, you can make 6 payments and 3 payments. Once you register, you will be presented with all of our payment options.

Note: Field positions are filled based on full clinic payment dates. Upgrades may be possible but are subject to availability.

Registration Opens July 1st.


The clinic will begin early on Friday so that we have additional time to enhance your classroom and on-field experience. There will be a general session and conference-style sessions regarding mechanics and how they relate to the running, passing and kicking games. Games will occur on Saturday afternoon. Classroom-only participants are invited to be on the field, in civilian attire, to hear instruction from the clinicians.

The clinic is designed for both high school officials and collegiate officials at all levels. The emphasis of this clinic is in putting an official in the right place at the right time to make the right call! NFL Clinicians will be in attendance. Supervisors from collegiate conferences are invited.

On-Field Instruction

We are in the process of securing a number of live-action games as field opportunities for you. If you register to work on the field, the following attire is required: Hat, striped shirt, black pants, whistle, flag and bean bag. There will be a clinician for each position at each site. In the event of inclement weather an indoor mechanics demonstration will be substituted.

The following is a list of officiating resources that will be invited to the TBFOC.

Keynote / Guest Speakers:

  • Reggie Smith, NBC Sports Analyst, Former B1G Referee

Special Guests:

  • Jeff Akers, Ivy / Patriot, Supervisor of Football Officiating
  • David Coleman, Pac-12 VP of Football Officiating
  • Dennis Crim, ECFOA Supervisor of Officials (NEC, PSAC, NJAC, MASCAC)
  • Tim Crowley, Lone Star Conference Coordinator of Football Officials
  • Craig Griffith, Ohio Athletic Conference (OAC) and Greater Midwest Athletic Conference (G-MAC) Supervisor of Officials
  • Bob Hefferon, EAIFO Southern Chapter Director, C/I/P Replay
  • Lucille Hester, Pigskin Club President
  • James Jackson, Pigskin Club Dinner Chairman
  • Eddie Kelley, SWAC Football Coordinator of Officials
  • Andre Lowe, MEAC Coordinator of Football Officials
  • Terry McAulay, NBC Football Rules Analyst, NFL Referee (Retired)
  • Ben Montgomery, NFL Line Judge (Retired)
  • Bryan Platt, AAC Supervisor of Officials
  • Steve Strimling, B1G Conference; UFL
  • Larry Upson, Pac-12 Observer, Trainer
  • Bob Waggoner, B1G/Mid-American/MVC Assistant Coordinator of Football Officials
  • Chuck Williams, NFL Scout
  • Matt Young, Ohio Valley Conference Coordinator of Football Officials

NFL Officiating Guests:

  • Usama Young
  • TBA

NFL Clinicians:

  • Brad Allen, Referee #122
  • Barry Anderson, Umpire #20
  • Gary Arthur, Line Judge #108, retired
  • Derick Bowers, Down Judge #74
  • Grantis Bell, Back Judge #27
  • Tra Blake, Referee #3
  • Boris Cheek, Deep Wing #41
  • Jim Daopoulos, NFL Umpire (Retired), AAC Observer
  • Roy Ellison, Umpire #81
  • Anthony Fleming, Deep Wing #90
  • Adrian Hill, Referee #29
  • Larry Hill, NFL Observer
  • Patrick Holt, Down Judge #106
  • Scott Edwards, Deep Wing #3, retired
  • Earnie Frantz, Head Linesman (Retired), Replay
  • Terry Killens, Umpire #77
  • Julian Mapp, Line Judge #10
  • Alex Moore, Umpire #49
  • Jonah Monroe, Deep Wing #120
  • Dominique Pender, Deep Wing #114
  • Dyrol Prioleau, Deep Wing #109
  • Alonzo Ramsey, Deep Wing #80
  • Jeff Shears, Deep Wing #60
  • Shawn Smith, Umpire #14
  • Greg Steed, Back Judge #12
  • Tom Stephan, Down Judge #68
  • Ron Torbert, Referee #62
  • Patrick Turner, Down Judge #13
  • Keith Washington, Deep Wing #7
  • Greg Yette, Back Judge #38

NCAA Replay Supervisors:

  • Mark Bitar, ACC Replay Supervisor
  • Peter Vaas, SEC Replay Supervisor
  • Russell Yurk, Big Ten, Mid-American, Missouri Valley (COC) Replay Supervisor


NCAA Clinicians:

  • Greg Adams, SEC Umpire
  • Alex Amaya, AAC Center Judge
  • Baron Ballester, AAC Line Judge
  • Jay Bilbo, CFO West Line Judge
  • Chris Bikowski, AAC Back Judge
  • Matt Burks, AAC Line Judge
  • Anthony Calabrese, AAC Center Judge
  • Jim Casey, AAC Head Line Judge
  • Raymond Daniel, B1G Deep Wing
  • Tim Davis, CFO West Center Judge
  • Rich DeMayo, MEAC Replay
  • Jay Edwards, SEC Center Judge
  • Victor Firth, AAC Back Judge
  • Tim Gover, MAC Umpire
  • Wilbur Hackett, SEC Umpire
  • Jacques Hooper, ACC Back Judge
  • Charles Lamertina, AAC Referee
  • Rodney Lawary, SEC Umpire
  • George Liotus, ACC Deep Wing
  • Greg Nelson, B1G Center Judge
  • LaShell Nelson, B1G Deep Wing
  • Eric Oliver, B1G Center Judge
  • Hubert Owens, SEC Referee
  • Keith Parham, ACC Back Judge
  • Gary Powers, B1G Deep Wing
  • Brian Perry, ACC Line Judge
  • Terrence Ramsey, ACC Umpire
  • Gary Reed, Pac12 Deep Wing
  • Roy Reynolds, AAC Replay
  • Dan Scanlan, CFO West Center Judge
  • Larry Smith, B1G Referee
  • Reggie Smith, CFO West Referee
  • Chris Snead, SEC Center Judge
  • Jon Stabile, Pac12 Head Line Judge
  • Steve Thielen, B1G Deep Wing
  • Richard Wilborn, ACC Deep Wing
  • Glen Wilson, AAC Deep Wing
  • Marcus Woods, ACC Referee

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