2021 Tom Beard’s Football Officials Virtual Clinic – March 27, 2021

(10a-6p EDT, via Zoom)


The Tom Beard Football Officials Clinic (TBFOC) is proud to announce the 2021 Virtual Clinic. The Virtual Clinic will be a 1-day clinic, via Zoom, which will include main sessions, position breakouts, a supervisor panel and much more. Virtual Clinic participants receive a $100 discount off the 2022 TBFOC Clinic fee if they decide to attend.

Please click here to read special consideration and exemptions for 2020 TBFOC Clinic Registrants.

The 2022 Clinic will return to the traditional “in person” format (conditions permitting).

“Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.” — John W. Gardner

Many officials, from all over the country, have recognized the TBFOC as a major contributor in their advancement. The TBFOC has been a “springboard” for many officials trying to make the transition from high school to college, as well as for many collegiate officials working their way up the chain. In addition to the list of impressive clinicians, the following Supervisor of Officials will be invited to attend: Gerald Austin (C-USA), Greg Burks (Mountain West), Bill Carollo (Collegiate Officiating Consortium), David Coleman (Pac-12), Dennis Hennigan (ACC), Bryan Platt (AAC), Jeff Cooney (Ivy / Patriot), Milt Halstead (ECFOA), Ryan Flynn (NE10) and more!


“Everyday is Game Day!!!”

To improve at any profession it takes “Commitment, Dedication, Dependability & Attitude’” these are the key variables Tom Beard worked tirelessly at instilling in officials at all levels. Tom also knew that you could not wait until August to pick up a rule book or decide to get in shape for the upcoming season, and he had no problem telling you that. You have to work hard at it 24/7/365 days a year. Officiating has become a year round profession, you will only get out of it what you are willing to put into it, and there is no better time than the present to prepare yourself as if ‘Every Day is Game Day!’ Additionally, no better time than the present to register to attend the Tom Beard Football Officials Clinic on 9-10 March 2020. The TBFOC Staff works hard year round to ensure Tom’s legacy continues; we know officiating is not JUST a part time job and our drive and focus to provide you with a top notch clinic began as soon as the last clinic has ended.


Virtual Clinic Overview

Our clinic committee would like to extend an invitation for you to attend a truly unique football officiating clinic. We have assembled an outstanding group of nationally prominent officials and supervisors who are planning to share their experience, philosophy and knowledge with each. You will have the opportunity to meet (virtually) with members of our clinic staff and guests as well as collegiate and high school officiating coordinators.

The program will include group sessions, position meetings, and special instruction on all areas of officiating.

The clinic is designed for both high school officials and collegiate officials at all levels. The emphasis of this clinic is in putting an official in the right place at the right time to make the right call! NFL Clinicians will be in attendance. Supervisors from collegiate conferences are invited.
The following is a list of officiating resources that will be invited to the 2021 TBFOC Virtual Clinic.

Keynote / Guest Speakers:

  • Walt Anderson, Sr Vice President, Officiating Training & Development
  • Dean Blandino, Rules Analyst – Fox Sports
  • Wayne Mackie, NFL Officiating Evaluation and Development
  • Chuck Stewart, NFL (retired), Pac 12 Position Supervisor

Special Guests:

  • TBA

NCAA Clinicians:

  • Alex Amaya, AAC
  • Alex Moore, SEC
  • Anthony Calabrese, AAC
  • Brandon Cruse, Big XII
  • Bob Hefferon, NEC Replay
  • Brian Perry, ACC
  • Dan Scanlan, Big XII
  • Greg Nelson, B1G
  • Gary Reed, PAC-12
  • Glen Wilson, AAC
  • Hilbert Byers, AAC
  • Jacques Hooper, ACC
  • James Carter, SEC
  • Jim Casey, AAC
  • Keith Parham, ACC
  • Kevin Reese, NEC
  • Larry Smith, B1G
  • Matt Burks, CFO West
  • Reggie Smith, B1G
  • Rich Demayo, MEAC Replay
  • Michael Griffith, ACC
  • Steve Thielen, B1G
  • Terrence Ramsey, ACC
  • Tim Davis, CFO West
  • Wibur Hackett, SEC Replay
  • Willie Thomas, AAC

NFL Clinicians:

  • Adrian Hill
  • Anthony Flemming
  • Barry Anderson
  • Boris Cheek
  • Derick Bowers
  • Dominque Pender
  • Dyrol Prioleau
  • Gerald Austin, Ret.
  • Grantis Bell
  • Greg Steed
  • Greg Yette
  • Jonah Monroe
  • Keith Washington
  • Patrick Holt
  • Ron Torbert
  • Roy Ellison
  • Tom Stephan
  • Tra Blake

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