Instant Replay at 2023 TBFOC East and West-El Paso

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This will be our 6th year offering Replay Training at East. For West-El Paso, 2023 will be the 1st year that Replay is offered. We have already secured the location.

We expect that our Instant Replay Training will be as beneficial to you as the other components of the TBFOC. The Replay Breakout is for anyone interested in taking their football officiating skills and knowledge to the replay booth. Replay equipment will be available in the breakouts. You’ll cover rules, philosophies and mechanics as you have the opportunity to work real game situations. Registration for the 2023 TBFOC-East is scheduled to open on Sunday, July 5, 2023. Registration for the 2023 TBFOC-West is scheduled to open on December 1023.